Captain Bob fueling at Bobby’s Fish Camp, a most interesting place. Notice the lone fuel pump on the dock (one side diesel, one side gas). Bobby controls the on/off switch at the pumps on the hill; when you’re finished fueling you go up and pay. We hold 400 gallons of diesel fuel, so if we’re not at high-speed pumps (most of them are not), it takes awhile. Think of us the next time you’re filling up your land vehicle and be happy. Again, this is a fuel dock where everyone stops – last fuel for over 200 miles. Tying on here was an experience. Since there are no pilings and no one to help, the First Mate had to jump down to the wet dock when the Captain got close enough and quickly secure us to the dock. It was actually easier than it appeared, or else we’re getting good! (You can interchange the words good and lucky at any time during this discourse.) We decided to anchor out this night; found another good anchorage, thanks to one of our guide books, and all went well.