May 31 – June 3
Cruising the ICW through “low country” today, we saw some beautiful southern mansions set way back off the water with swampland between. Most have very long docks for their boats. In a couple of areas there were double bridges like this, with a newer high one for cars and still the low swing bridge for trains. On the way here we were again attacked by horseflies that got on the boat. We had heard about this, but had no idea how bad it could be; they’re big and their bite is wicked. Stayed in Charleston for 3 days; liked it here as much as we thought we would from all we had read. There is an extensive anchorage area next to the city docks and Ashley Marina, which is where we chose to dock. In this area can be found this old building where slave trading took place. Just a bike ride away is the old downtown section with many restaurants and this daily flea market that goes on for blocks. There were so many interesting southern-style homes along the waterfront, but no skyscrapers anywhere. The tallest structures in Charleston are the church spires; there is a city ordinance against buildings taller than 9 stories, we were told. We also passed close by Ft. Sumter when we were leaving.