June 15 – 18
We moved quickly through the Chesapeake Bay, making only three stops. Our first stop was Crisfield, VA, a quaint fishing village on the east shore. Our approach to this village was tricky; there are so many crab traps in the bay it was difficult to get through them without taking a few with us. The lines can really screw up your props if they get tangled around them, so it’s wise to move cautiously. Bad weather was threatening all day; we left Norfolk in rain and moved just ahead of it all the way here. We stayed at Somers Cove Marina, the only marina in town that can accommodate a boat our size, so the choice was easy. This town is called the seafood capital of the world, specializing in crabs. In the past it had been oysters, so there are broken oyster shells everywhere; even the riverbed is covered they say. Then across the bay to the west shore to Solomons, MD, another fishing village, but the harbor here was lined with marinas on both sides. We stayed at Zahniser’s on the end of a T dock, which we like because it’s much easier to maneuver in & out. This is a big boating community; most of the marinas were near capacity. We did some shopping at a local gourmet grocery store that was recommended by AGLCA members. Great food; we bought as much as we could carry on our bikes. Annapolis was next. On the way as we were cruising through the bay, military personnel were instructing specific boaters in the bay to move away from a target in the bay. They wanted everyone at least 1 mile from the target because they were practicing. Looked over to the port side and there it was, the huge black & white checkered target. They didn’t call us since we were 1½ to 2 miles away, but it was still very unsettling. We also encountered rough water today, especially as we got closer to Annapolis, with waves splashing as high as the bridge. Items that don’t usually move were moving, and it was hard to stand up and walk to them to do some rearranging or putting down. We arrived at Annapolis Yacht Basin in rain and haze. Next morning we toured the military academy, which was quite impressive. The cathedral on campus is beautiful; in the basement the tomb of John Paul Jones is kept under guard. There are interesting lighthouses in the bay and a bridge that crosses the northern end. On the way from Annapolis to the C&D Canal we again passed through an area where military target practice takes place; again, an uneasy feeling. Today, though, the bay was smooth.