10/28 – 11/2
At Columbus, MS, we again met up with Debbie & Steve , who are sailing to the Bahamas for the winter aboard their sailboat, VIEWFINDER. They’re with us on our aft deck before going out for an excellent dinner at Harvey’s. Most of the marinas on the inland rivers have a courtesy vehicle to use for shopping and/or dinner; in this case it was a propane driven truck. (A few hours later the Captain’s first kidney stone experience began. Luckily, we still had the key for the truck, and the hospital was only 5 minutes away.) It looked like an impromptu Carver rendezvous at Columbus Marina; all the boats on the transient dock this day were Carvers. Piloting the boat in front of ours were Captain Coleen and First Mate Gary, a retired doctor, aboard CALYPSO POET III. He provided valuable counsel on the Captain’s condition. This was our second favorit marina to this point; we were here for 4 days, partly for the Captain’s recuperation. We got an early start leaving Columbus; we had a long run ahead this day.