11/5 – 11/8
This is a swing bridge opening for us. Notice the rain drops on the windshield, a foreboding of things to come. The street in the center at the south end of the Mobile Convention Center is the official end of the Tenn-Tom. We’re now in Mobile Bay, a very busy seaport with all kinds of boat traffic. Notice the guard boat in front of the warship; it just kept going back and forth keeping others at bay. The boat in front of us went through a nasty storm with us, our first. We were so happy to have their company as we radioed back and forth trying to figure out whether to drop anchor and ride out the storm or keep going. Against the advice of a barge tug captain heading North who warned of 0 visibility, and with no real anchorage possibilities, we both decided to keep going. Glad we did! But (big but here) we knew we had hit something ominous at about the 45mm in the Tenn-Tom. Turned out to be a $2200 log or whatever. HOW ‘BOUT US had to be hauled out at Dog River Marina to have props repaired and a shaft (newly purchased in St. Charles) straightened.