June 10
We went through Albemarle Sound on our way to Elizabeth City, which, because it is shallow, can be some of the roughest water on the east coast. We had pretty normal seas, not too rough, not too smooth. Mariner’s Wharf is a free town dock here with a very unique characteristic, which is something we wanted to experience. Fred & John were this evening’s Rosebuddies. Fred (in the yellow pants) is one of the two originals; he and a now deceased friend began the tradition in 1983. He and one of his recruits come to the town dock every day at 5:00 sharp, as long as there are at least 5 boats tied up, bringing wine, beer, cheese, & snacks loaded on a golf cart, to greet transient boaters. In 1985, their first golf cart was donated to them by Willard Scott, NBC weatherman. In season, they also present each lady with a rose, hence, the name. What a wonderful way to make us and other boaters feel welcome to their city! After cocktails we tried to make a Wal Mart run on our bikes, but got caught in a downpour and didn’t make it.