This trip can be done for much less money than we spent. If we were to do it again, we would probably anchor out more and eat out less, both of which would save many, many dollars. We spent nearly $4,000 dining out and almost $6,500 for dockage. You could also cut your costs on supplies, such as, buying used charts and books instead of new; just be sure they’re the latest editions available.

We have been asked by many people what the best and worst of the trip has been. We agree that the best was truly the great people we have met, both boaters and others along the way. Boaters are friendly and helpful and knowledgeable and sharing. And then it was so much fun to encounter again a crew we had met before, sometimes thousands of miles away, and catch up on the happenings since we had last seen each other. Boaters do love to tell their tales. The worst was definitely weather related, those times that we ventured out into less than ideal conditions and suffered the consequences. All in all, we highly recommend the trip.