July 14 - 25
We left Port Colbourne after getting back the shotgun, and had a wonderful Lake Erie crossing with smooth water and warm temperatures and sunshine all the way. Less than five hours later we were in Erie, PA, where we docked at Wolverine Marina, a city marina that is totally transient. Since both our mothers live south of Pittsburgh, we rented a car and left for a few days to visit with them. First Mate brought her mother, Mary, and young aunt, Betty Anne, back to Erie to see our home on the water, since this would be their only chance to see her. On the way to Cleveland, we passed this tall ship out on the lake. Most of the cities on the lakes have breakwaters to lessen the current while approaching the actual entrances to the city waterways. At the entrance to Cleveland there are myriad bridges, but we docked at a marina just inside the breakwater. Evening was so peaceful with a great view of the sunset and the lake, and later we enjoyed the nearby red and green lighthouse and buoy lights flashing and bell sounding and city lights shining off in the distance. Whoever would have thought Cleveland, Ohio, would be so pleasant? Before we left we visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, where free dockage is provided in the cove just outside. We spent four hours there, and it could have been four days. Incredible place that we really enjoyed. Our next stop was Lorraine, OH, where we had another great sunset. The next day we hired a diver, a police officer on his lunch hour, to clean the intakes on the bottom of the boat, since we had a problem on the way here keeping up our speed. Lake Erie is cleaner than it used to be, but it still has a lot of seaweed and fishing line that wraps around props and clogs things up. Our last stop on this lake was Put-in-Bay, a total party town with both historical sights and lots of pubs. This was Christmas in July weekend with boats rafting off each other four deep. We docked next to the yacht club where little sailors were learning how to sail. There are interesting lighthouses here as in so many other waters.