As we approached the Detroit River we were excited to see blue water again an knew it would only get better the closer we got to Lake Huron. We passed under the Ambassador Bridge that connects Detroit and Windsor, Ontario, and cruised through Detroit, past downtown and the Renaissance Center and the gambling casinos, this one on the Canadian side of the river. Next we went through Lake St. Clair, and then on to the St. Clair River, with the water getting bluer and bluer. We’ve thought so many times throughout this trip about the beautiful water here. After cruising through so many other waterways, we realized that we didn’t appreciate it enough all those years we lived here. Just before the entrance to Lake Huron is the mouth of the Black River, which runs through Port Huron. The landmark train bridge, which hasn’t been used for many years, is always in the open position. We arrived at dusk and passed through downtown and the Military Street Bridge, the first of three we must have open for us to get to our destination, Bridge Harbor Marina. We were back home after 13 ½ months living aboard our boat.