June 3
We thought this SeaTow sign interestingly placed; the channel can be narrow with very shallow water outside of it. This is another example of one of those areas where you watch your chart and the channel markers closely. Remember the grounding in St Petersburg? It would have cost over $450 to have them tow us off. After that experience and being in so much shallow water, First Mate decided this would be a great Christmas gift for the Captain. For $95/year they will tow you off wherever you run aground. We now have a SeaTow membership. We were attacked by horseflies again today on the ICW. We passed through the Myrtle Beach area, the land of golf, where this course bordered on the ICW. If you look closely through the trees you can see the billboards along the highway between Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach. We have driven up & down that road many times without realizing the waterway is this close. You really get a different perspective from the water. We fueled up at Myrtle Beach Yacht Club, which is really in Little River. AGLCA members pass along info on fuel prices, good & not-so-good marinas, etc. via daily e-mails, to which we have access. This marina has the best diesel price around, so this was a planned fuel stop. We decided to stay here for the night. We ate at the on-site restaurant a few piers away, but had to run back to the boat in pouring rain.